Board of Directors

Board Members Work Events, Greet Guests, and Help Raise Money

Board Members raise money for the company’s arts and outreach programming, host artist receptions and other exclusive events, work the front of house at dance concerts and assist in other areas crucial to sustaining a non-profit arts organization.

We are seeking new board members for the upcoming season. If you are experienced in fundraising (or would like to learn about fundraising for a non-profit arts group), marketing or events planning, or if you want to lend your expertise to our board in other ways, please contact Board President Ilana Wolanow so you can learn more about our board activities.

Board President:
Ilana Wolanow

Gillian Redfearn

Board Members:
Nancy Kent Doyle
Roxanne Gage
Kakii Keenan
Carol Lewis
Sarah Moore
Catherine Solaas
Teresa Thompson
Cheri Witter

Board Members at work
Kakii filming at Picture Box
Cheri & Nancy at B&D Affair
Dave and kathy
kathy talks

dave laughs
teresa smiles
dave as president